Government has notified that the amount of late fee payable shall stand waived for the taxpayers who failed to furnish the details of outward supplies in form GSTR-1 for the period from July-2017 to November-2019 by the due date but furnishes the said details in form GSTR-1 between the period 19th December 2019 to 10th January 2020. Please refer to notification 74/2019 dated 27 December 2019 in this regard.

You are requested to furnish the details in form GSTR-1 for the above referred period on or before 10th January 2020 to avail the benefit of the said notification.

After 10.01.2020 a late fee of Rs. 50 per day for non-filing of GSTR-1 up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per statement will be levied as per existing provisions. Therefore, the taxpayers are requested to clear any backlog with respect to GSTR-1 by 10.01.2020.

Further, the Government plans to take a number of steps if the pending GSTR-1 is not filed by 10.01.2020 such as blocking of E-way bill, etc.

Also, it is beneficial for the recipients to encourage their suppliers to file their GSTR-1 in time as it is important that the credit taken by the recipients in their GSTR-3B matches with the details auto-populated in their GSTR-2A.